March 28, Reading 1 – Leviticus 4:27-5:13


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SAA Notes

Sin is defined as acts of omission (failure to speak when you should) as well as acts of commission! The sins listed in Chapter 5 deal with what to us are slightly ridiculous things like touching the carcase of something that has died or human excrement, or giving a thoughtless promise. However, they all have to do with health – either physical or relational. We have in Australia mountainous regulations governing butcher shops for the same public health reasons.

SJA Notes

“… If he cannot afford …”

There were gradients of offering based on what the person could afford to give.

It is an interesting intent to think through, the rules God laid down here.

In a clear sense, it points us to Jesus.

Because none of us can afford to purchase the offering that fully pays for our sin.

These atonements here with the Aaronic priest were temporary and could not last.

But the atonement worked by the Great High Priest, won through His offering of Himself – The once-for-all sacrifice that does pay our penalty … This is lasting and true.

We have a sure and steady hope – Because of Jesus!

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You for Jesus, whose blood pays what that of bulls and rams could not.

Thank You for saving us from darkness into light.

Thank You Lord for Your love for us, worked out on the cross.


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