March 22, Reading 2 – Psalm 92, 93


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SAA Notes

The title of Ps 92: for the Sabbath day, tells us that this is a psalm very suitable for reading and thinking about on the Lord’s Day. Sabbath just means “rest”. It never meant Saturday. The weekly Sabbath was on Saturday, but our rest now is in God’s new creation in Christ, not in this present old creation. We rest now in Jesus’ resurrection! Hence our Sabbath is Sunday.

SJA Notes

“They still bear fruit in old age; they are ever full of sap and green,”

This is to be the mark of God’s people, bearing fruit even as we grow older, ever full of sap and green.


The sap of God’s word, the green of spiritual leaves and growth in us as God’s Spirit writes His word on our hearts, so that we continue to walk in obedience towards Him.

So that when we cut, we bleed God’s word!

May this continue to be true for all of us through all our days.

* Gracious Father in Heaven,

Please show us Jesus today from Your word.

Please point us to You, even when we have strayed from the narrow road.

Please draw us close to You, even when we feel very far off.

Please wrap us in Your everlasting arms, cover us in the shadow of Your wings, be our shield and protector, our ever-present help in times of need.

For Your glory, For Your Name’s sake.


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