March 22, Reading 2 – Psalm 92, 93


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SAA Notes

The title of Ps 92: for the Sabbath day, tells us that this is a psalm very suitable for reading and thinking about on the Lord’s Day. Sabbath just means “rest”. It never meant Saturday. The weekly Sabbath was on Saturday, but our rest now is in God’s new creation in Christ, not in this present old creation. We rest now in Jesus’ resurrection! Hence our Sabbath is Sunday.

SJA Notes

This psalm (92) is overflowing with abundant praise and adoration of our Lord! This is how we are to pray together as we meet!

It contains much of God and His character, of His blessing to us.

I mean how good are v12-15, particularly of the righteous, “They still bear fruit in old age; they are ever full of sap and green,”


May this be ever true of us!

But notice v6-7. Importantly for the sabbath, we have a hard word regarding unbelievers.

This is a word for us as the congregation, full of the reality of the end of the broad road (“they are doomed to destruction forever;”), but also a strong exhortation to us to get cracking to spread the gospel!

And to pray, to pray! That God would turn our loved ones and friends, those in our streets and who walk past our churches – That God would turn those enemies of Him to be His friends! To be a follower of Jesus, saved in Him!

What a prayer! What an encouragement to have a heart for the lost.

And too, this reality – That without Jesus we are doomed to destruction forever.

He is our Saviour! Let’s get that good word out!

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