February 6, Reading 3 – Matthew 25:31-26:2


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SAA Notes

This parable is a frightening one – frightening for your complacency and mine. True religion is of most earthly use!

SJA Notes

* Dear God, thank You for this day, and for Your word that we can read on this day. Please help us to understand You a little better today.

“… one of the least of these …”

How do we as God’s people treat those in our midst who our weak and vulnerable, those who are the least?

For both the sheep and the goats, God’s focus is on the treatment of the “least of these”.

How we treat people is a very important indicator of the truth of our hearts.

We know this, we can see it very clearly.

Hypocrisy is pretty easy to identify in other people.

Can we see it in us?

* Good Shepherd God,

Please give us a heart after Your own heart, a desire to see Your Name praised.

Please help us to give ourselves in generosity without thought of return.

Please give us opportunity to serve those around us.

Please help us to give food and drink, to welcome, to clothe, to visit and show other-centred love-that-is-action.

We are Your sheep Lord, may we love as You have loved us.


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