February 26, Reading 3 – Acts 9:32-43


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

Aeneas and Tabitha – these mighty works brought many to believe in Jesus. Jesus’ words are true! He said: “anyone who has faith in me will do … even greater things than these”. (John 14:12) A true miracle attests to who Jesus is.

SJA Notes

* Lord God Above, please teach us today as we read Your word. Please help us hallow Your Name today.

“And it became known throughout all Joppa, and many believed in the Lord.”

Signs are not what we believe in.

Even great signs!

In this passage we see that the people who see these amazing wonders, these signs, they don’t turn and believe in the sign itself, no idols are made.

Instead, they turn to the Lord!

We can be encouraged to point people to Jesus, who has saved us. And that this sign, free salvation for the sinner, itself is a pointer back to the One who saves –  Jesus!

Praise God that through the greatest sign in history, God becoming man and offering Himself up as a sacrifice for His enemies – Through this we have such a blessed assurance!

* Gracious Father in Heaven,

Thank You that in the Person of the Son, our King Jesus, You save us from eternal death.

Thank You that in the Person of the Holy Spirit you draw us along this path, making us more like Jesus.

Thank You that in the Person of the Father, in Your grace and mercy, You call us even though we were enemies.

Hallelujah Lord, what a God You are!


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