January 7, Reading 2 – Job 11, 12


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SAA Notes

Zophar begins and ends with angry words. Like Eliphaz, Zophar says the right things so wrongly. (11:7,8) Zophar wants Job to repent of his sins. God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins when we repent them.

SJA Notes

“In the thought of one who is at ease there is contempt for misfortune;”

Zophar, another friend, tells Job the same thing Bildad did – That he must be getting what he deserves (bad things to bad people), with a little more to boot, that he deserves worse!

Job’s response to Zophar has sarcasm in it, but also much truth.

There is a great folly in thinking you are at ease while looking down on people who are in trouble and turmoil.

Complacency in God’s people causes much heartache and smearing of God’s name.

As God’s people we need to work hard to be meek, humbly submitting under God’s will for us and for those around us, caring for those around us, pointing to Jesus.

And praise God that we have a faithful friend unlike these friends of Job – One who has dealt with our sin, taken the punishment on Himself, given us an inheritance like no other –

Hallelujah, what a friend we have in Jesus!

* Father God,

Lord please forgive us our sins, that which we return to, the new and the old, the conscious and the unconscious, the thoughts and words and deeds in us that are apart from You – Please forgive us Lord God!

And thank You so much for Your word, that we can read it each day.

Please teach us what You want for us today.

Thank You for the book of Job, for the wisdom You have placed in it around processing suffering and turmoil in our lives and in the lives of those around us.


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