January 25, Reading 2 – Job 42


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SAA Notes

Read Peter’s advice in 1 Peter 5:6. This is just what Job does. He finds no answers, but he does find the Lord again! Job is told to pray for his three friends. They are to repent of their wrong assessment of God and of Job. Elihu is not even mentioned! This is no oversight, but a very pointed lesson.

SJA Notes

We come to the end of Job, and it’s a little sad (good thing we can go back and read it whenever we want)!

Job is such a great book, and such a great character in God’s word. We get four whole chapters of God speaking, how much wisdom must there be there for us to dwell on and wrestle with for the rest of our days!

It’s pretty interesting to hear God’s words when He speaks with Job’s friends.

V7 says, “… For you have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has.”

So it seems what Job has said in the debate of God is right. He wasn’t wrong!

Where does that leave us then, why did God speak the way he did to Job out of the whirlwind?

Job had given to God the glory, hallowed His name, but then tried to come up with his own wisdom (in the way we saw his friends do, a lot). He darkened counsel by words without knowledge (ch 38 v2).

This is something we all do! How many times do we get confronted with a rock-solid reality in this life and instead of turning to God and His word we come up with our own thinking, our own reasoning.

Job is such a great encouragement book (and a reality-check one too), in pointing us to the awesome majesty of God, His absolute sovereignty, His working out His purposes of love for His people. And in doing this it shows us who we are, and why we need God.

One other thing, how godly a man is Job huh! V15 says, “… And their father gave them <his daughters> an inheritance among their brothers.”

To me this speaks volumes about the humbleness and meekness of the man. He had met with the harshest realities of life, and the Lord had brought him out the other side.

That would shave away a lot of the dross, the rules and regulations whose meaning would fade into nothingness after what he had experienced.

There’s so much more to dwell on, can’t wait to cycle back here again in three years!

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