January 25, Reading 2 – Job 42


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SAA Notes

Read Peter’s advice in 1 Peter 5:6. This is just what Job does. He finds no answers, but he does find the Lord again! Job is told to pray for his three friends. They are to repent of their wrong assessment of God and of Job. Elihu is not even mentioned! This is no oversight, but a very pointed lesson.

SJA Notes

“… For you have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has.”

We come to the end of the book of Job, this most wonderful of windows into the heavenly realities, coupled with a clear example of humanity wrestling with why bad things happen.

God tells the friends that Job has spoken of Him what is right.

Job had given to god the glory. Job had hallowed the name of God.

So where does that leave us then, why did God speak the way he did to Job out of the whirlwind?

Because Job also tried to argue with his own wisdom. He darkened counsel by words without knowledge.

We all do this! How many times are we confronted with a rock-solid reality in this life and instead of turning to God and His word we pursue our own reasoning.

Job is such a great encouragement-book, as well as a reality-check. It points us to the awesome majesty of God, His absolute sovereignty, His working out His purposes of love for His people.

And in this, it shows us who we are, and why we need God.

We cannot save ourselves – Only God can!

* God Above,

Thank You that as Father You save us by Your grace.

Thank You that as Son You save us by Your righteousness, death, blood and life.

Thank You that as Spirit You save us by Your illumination, Your renovation and Your preservation.

Thank You for saving us!


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