January 10, Reading 3 – Matthew 8:1-27


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

Verse 3 is a most thrilling verse. I am willing! List two or three thoughts in these passages that encourage you in your prayer life.

SJA Notes

Do we recognise God’s authority in our thoughts, words and actions?

We read here of the centurion, a non-Israelite, who clearly understood the reality of God’s place.

Sometimes we find it easy to forget God’s rightful place as King and Lord and Saviour in our lives.

And it’s pretty interesting to read Jesus’ response, a part of which (v11-12) He points to the two-sided reality of our final destination (feast with Abraham OR thrown into the outer darkness).

So there is a helpful (but serious and hard) word for us here, a reminder when we forget God’s place in our lives – Remember judgement day, the sheep and the goats, the parable of Lazarus and the rich man.

Remember Jesus’ warnings! The warnings of God’s word from start to finish.

* Sovereign God,

Please help us to remember You, because our own selves forget You so easily.

Please write Your word on our hearts, that we might be constantly reminded of You and Your will, Your authority in our lives.


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