January 10, Reading 1 – Genesis 13, 14


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SAA Notes

We look for lessons of faith in the history of Abraham. We are to imitate his faith. See how Abraham handles his nephew’s greed, arrogance and lack of courtesy – with patience, courage and the risk of his life.

SJA Notes

We can see Jesus here in this passage, as Hebrews (chapters 6 and 7) tells us.

The Priest-King Melchizedek is a point to Christ!

He is the superior who blessed the inferior in Abraham, a very strange thing to think about.

In Abraham meeting this picture of Jesus, we see the importance of God’s priesthood.

God had called Melchizedek quite apart from Abraham, another truth to contemplate.

But importantly here we are drawn to see Jesus as the priest like Melchizedek, a priest by the power of an indestructible life.

This is why we have a new covenant, because Jesus lives forever – A priest who offered up Himself once for all!

This is Jesus, God the Son, who sits at the Father’s right hand making intercession for us His people.

A priest who loves and cares for us, this is a wonderful thing!

* God Above,

Thank You for this passage that points us to Jesus. Thank You that we see Abraham’s faithful witness to his family and those around him.

Thank You for our great high priest, Your Son!


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